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Brakes and Exhaust Replacement

Hopefully, it doesn’t need much of an explanation as to why your brakes are so important but your exhaust is also just as important. If you have a failure in the exhaust your car could suffer from decreased power and poor fuel economy. You don’t want to be chucking money down the drain with an exhaust that is blowing.

We consider brakes and exhaust to be our “bread and butter”. We have over 2 decades of experience in replacing these serviceable items on a variety of different vehicle makes and models. Obviously, if your brakes don’t work then you put yourself and your passengers lives at serious risk. It isn’t good practice to change your brakes when they make a noise, instead, these should be checked regularly usually with your service checks.

If you need your brakes or exhaust looking at then please book an appointment with us. This will give us the time to analyse your brakes and suggest a plan of action for your beloved car.

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