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Brake Disc Replacement Liverpool
Brake Pad Replacement Liverpool

Brake Pads & Disc Replacement in Liverpool

Brakes, a vital piece of your car all year round. The affect safety of you, your family and other road users. In fact they’re a part of your MOT test too, obviously stopping your car is something extremely important, the world would be a hectic place if you couldn’t stop your vehicle.

As part of an MOT 3 different things are looked at when it comes to your brakes

  • Brake pad thickness: They must be a minimum of 1.5mm to pass your MOT.
  • Brake discs: A tester may look for scores and weaknesses that indicate failure is imminent.
  • Rolling Road Test: This puts your car on a rolling road to test the effectiveness of the brakes. Looking at a number of different things. Items such as balance between left and right stopping power, judder and overall effectiveness. Not enough effectiveness, too much judder or out of balance will result in failure.

All of these points are absolutely vital in general road safety. eg. Unbalanced brakes will cause a vehicle to pull to one side, in an emergency you could put other vehicles or pedestrians at risk.

Regular Brake Checks Save Lives

Checking your brakes on a regular basis can save lives. It’s not an overstatement, it’s in fact an understatement. We speak with a lot of vehicle owners who believe that they’re brakes passing an MOT mean they’re good for the next full year.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, you use the brake pedal on your car every single day in varying amounts. The amount of wear you apply to the pads or discs depend on a few things such as the speed your going, how often you’re using them and the weather. So we recommend having your brakes checked at extremely regular intervals. We genuinely believe that brake checks save lives, could particularly save yours!

Noisy Brakes? We Can Help You

One of the most annoying noises your car can make is squeaking or squealing from your brakes. All you need to do is tickle the brake pedal and car makes an extremely high pitched noise that almost wrecks your ear drums.

The cause of this is very simple. As your pads wear away, dust is created. This dust sits on and around your brake calipers, pads, discs and other elements of the braking system to create this whining noise of metal and dust rubbing together.

In order to stop this noise, we do a number of things. First, we give each part a clean, this includes scrubbing off the calipers, pads and the edges of the discs. Then we apply a very thin layer of copper grease to the back of your brake pads which helps stop seizing and reduces the amount of vibration in the area. This should cause all of your brake noises to vanish, however, sometimes a noise in this area can be caused by worn or broken pads or discs. So we recommend letting us take care of this so we can figure out if your stopping system is in perfect health before you get back on the road.

Best Brake Disc & Pad Replacement Garage?

If you’re looking for the best place to get your pads and or discs replaced in Liverpool then Belmont MOT is the only way forward. We will give you a quick brake inspection and let you know an exact cost of having your brakes renewed.

All you have to do is call us now and one of our staff will get you booked in for an appointment to have your brakes looked at.

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