When is my MOT due?

How many times have we pondered and then panicked over these few words…? Along with…can I check my MOT on line? How much will it cost? Will my car pass its MOT…? How will this affect my car tax and insurance…? And of course we will worry about these problems, as, if you don’t have a valid MOT, then not only is your car unsafe, perhaps, the following could most definitely happen:

– You won’t be able to tax your vehicle

– You may invalidate your insurance

– You may get a fine

– You may even have your vehicle seized

We have enough to do in our busy, hectic lives without worrying about MOTs too! So, let Belmont MOT servicing sort it out for you, leaving you to concentrate on more pleasurable past times, like driving to the match or the restaurant in a car that has a full  MOT and service…

Is there an MOT test station near me?

Once you have established that you need an MOT, or service, then where to go is next on the agenda. Local is important to a lot of people, we want to drop the car off on the way to work or be able to pick it up easily with that all important test certificate and then get on with our lives…None of us want to be days and days without our car, or to be stranded in the middle of nowhere having to get to where we need to be after we have left the car for its service or MOT. So location is really essential to the choice we make – so if you live in Liverpool then Belmont Services is an ideal choice. It is near to all the main roads, on the bus routes and train stations. So, it I easily fitted in around your daily routine of work or shopping or those daily routines, so the MOT and service does not need to get in the way any more, thanks to our friendly service here at Belmont.

Quality and Reliability

At Belmont MOT  it is all about quality. Not just with the job we complete but with the customer service and attentiveness to you and your cars needs. We have the tools and equipment to make sure the job is done right first time, every time.

We are the preferred choice of several local car dealerships, which is a testament to our high standards. Our MOT price is highly competitive from just £35, a price which is much lower than many of the MOT stations in Liverpool. Our customers come back time and time again for our fast and reliable service, with that personal, yet professional touch, that makes all the difference in this busy hectic life.

So, give us a call or just pop in and we will be more than happy to tell you exactly what you need and help you to find the best option to take the stress out of that all important service and MOT time of year!