• Need an MOT? Look No Further

    Need an MOT? Look No Further

    When is my MOT due? How many times have we pondered and then panicked over these few words…? Along with…can I check my MOT on line? How much will it cost? Will my car pass its MOT…? How will this affect my car tax and insurance…? And of course we will worry about these problems,

  • Will DPF Removal Fail an MOT?

    Will DPF Removal Fail an MOT?

    It is a question we get here at Belmont MOT time and time again. Will DPF removal fail an MOT? Before we answer the question let’s look at what the DPF is and what it does. What is a DPF? DPF is short for diesel particulate filter, it is an item that sits in the


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